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November 25, 2018 – 10:01 am

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Ecological Problems in India

November 15, 2018 – 09:59 am

The interactive map, which shows the average levels of dangerous particulate matter in the air that can lodge in lungs and cause diseases, was made by the WHO in conjunction with the U.K.’s University of Bath. It...
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Ecological Issues Definition

December 27, 2017 – 07:57 pm

This article is part of a series on various approaches to Posthuman Security. In recent years, the idea that issues such as climate change might pose a threat to security has become prominent, and environmental...

Population Ecology Problems

December 7, 2017 – 07:39 pm

Abstract During the 20th century ecologists largely relied on the frequentist system of inference for the analysis of their data. However, in the past few decades ecologists have become increasingly interested in...

Current Ecological Problems

November 2, 2017 – 10:16 am

The first conference on environmental protection held in Stockholm in 1972 was the main initiator of awareness and reaction on capacity of the planet Earth, growing human population and the need to change the awareness...

Define Ecological Issues

October 13, 2017 – 10:03 am

While there is now widespread agreement that urban environmental issues are important, there is little coherence in how international agencies and others define the urban environment and identify its critical problems...

Biggest Ecological Problems

October 9, 2017 – 10:02 am

PATNA: Altogether 25 educational institutions came forward for the pre-celebration of World Earth Day on the premises of Tarumitra here on Friday. Various events were organised to connect the school with the nature...

Ecology Topics

August 2, 2017 – 08:56 am

Ecology is the scientific study of the relationships between living animals, plants, and other organisms and their environment. The environment is categorized by physical properties and the other organisms that...

10 Ecological Problems and Solutions

July 29, 2017 – 08:54 am

Photo Garbage piled up on a sewage plant property in Dubai. Sewage treatment operations have struggled to keep up with booming development. Credit Lee Hoagland for the International Herald Tribune DUBAI — Dubai’s...

Current Ecology Issues

June 1, 2017 – 10:57 am

This blog post is part of the blog series ‘Authors in Asia’, which complements the recent Virtual Issue in Journal of Applied Ecology. You can read other posts in this series here. In this post Associate Editor...

Recent Ecological Issues

August 29, 2016 – 09:35 am

By Don Krug The art of Mierle Laderman Ukeles is about the everyday routines of life. In 1969, after the birth of her first child, Ukeles wrote a Manifesto for Maintenance Art that questioned binary systems of opposition...

Ecological Issues

February 28, 2017 – 08:54 am

Status: Closed for 2017 This program brings students to the beautiful Lake Atitlan in the highlands of Guatemala and exposes them to a variety of complex ecological, social, and political issues related to the lake...

Current Ecological Issues

August 5, 2016 – 07:48 am

This journal provides syntheses of the most significant developments in current landscape ecology research. The aim is to highlight both important areas of consensus, and important areas of current debate in landscape...

Ecological Topics

July 7, 2017 – 12:13 pm

Hot Topics in Ecology are evidence-based syntheses of topics that are relevant to environmental policy development, land management and to broadening the community s ecological knowledge base. Hot Topics aim to...

Ecology ESA

March 9, 2017 – 05:13 pm

The science of ecology cannot be advanced without improving our understanding of human-environment interactions The Society for Human Ecology was instrumental in helping to create a Human Ecology Section within...