Nuclear energy Environmental Issues

Various nuclear power facilities can be viewed in Google Earth like any other building. In an open blog forum, users have posted screenshots of nuclear power facilities that they have found in Google Earth. Each picture uploaded to the blog has a brief but informative description of the use of the nuclear power facility and its environmental effects (Turnbull & Turnbull, 2005).

The use of nuclear power is highly contested because of potential risks of meltdowns. The Google Earth view of nuclear power facilities provides nothing more than a satellite view. It has no information relevant to risk management, waste removal or any of the other issues that go along with nuclear power. If the goal is to make nuclear power a more socially accepted alternative source of energy, then the layer should include the pertinent counter-arguments to those who oppose the use of nuclear power in the Google Earth layer.

Nuclear Power facilities may be viewed using the regular satellite imaging available in Google Earth.

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