Global Environmental Challenges

The Global Environment Challenge is focused in industrial and environmental biotechnology.

Most don’t understand that “going green, ” is so much more than “reduce, recycle and re-use.” To us, it means hacking the code of carbon-based molecules, and harnessing biocatalysts such as enzymes and yeasts to make microscopic manufacturing plants. Our goal: to extract the full power and potential of our fuels, and to create cleaner and more efficient industrial manufacturing processes. Industrial and environmental biotechnology scientists are fueling the world, and protecting its future.

Right now there are more than 50 biorefineries being built across North America to test and refine technologies that will reduce greenhouse gases and shrink our ecological footprints. Reducing your carbon footprint is easy; how are you going to reduce that of the world around you, for a better future?

You’ll only find out by starting your application for the 2017 Global Environment Challenge. This is your opportunity to work with teachers and mentors in the field, surrounded by the best and brightest student minds in industrial and environmental biotechnology, while being judged and counseled by real-world academic and industry leaders who are currently using biotechnology to increase horsepower by harnessing nature’s microscopic workhorses; bacteria, yeasts and enzymes.

How do I choose a Challenge track?

Projects for consideration for the Global Environment Challenge focus on the intended or anticipated outcomes of the work, not the process or processes used to achieve them.

Example projects could include (but are not limited to):

  • Bio-based degradable materials
  • Bioremediation and other waste reduction/conversion efficiencies
  • Marine based products (not human health related)
  • New or improved biofuels production
  • Biological processes for materials production (resource or waste conservation)
  • Reducing toxic emissions and greenhouse gases
  • Data analytics/computational bioinformatics modelling, and IT applications - all related to industrial and environmental biotechnology.

Application Process

If you are a high school or home schooled from the United States, your application begins by entering the At-Large or Local BioGENEius Challenges, depending on whether or not your state has a local challenge. If you are from another country, please click on your respective challenge link below:


Top finalists of the Sanofi BioGENEius Challenge Canada (formally SABC) are invited to compete at the International BioGENEius Challenge. Please visit


If selected to advance, you will compete with dozens of other students at the International BioGENEius Challenge, held alongside the Biotechnology Industry Organization’s International Convention in San Diego, CA, June 18-21, 2017.

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