What are Global Environmental Issues?

The Top 10 Global Environmental Issues of 2016 was released on Thursday, in accordance with experts' views and surveys co-conducted by China Daily and the Ministry of Environmental Protection's Publicity and Education Center.

1. Ratifying the Paris Agreement

It took almost 11 months to ratify the Paris Agreement, which was officially effective as of Nov 4, 2016. The ratification represented a determination to promote a low-carbon global environment and tackle the climate change issue.

2. The second session of the United Nations Environment Assembly

The event, held in Nairobi in May, was an important UN session that focused on global environmental issues and held discussions to pursue solutions to tackling environmental pollution, helping facilitate global sustainable development.

3. G20 Leaders Summit in Hangzhou in September

It was the first time that topics of sustainable development and green finance have been introduced at the summit, and an action plan was released on implementing the UN 2030 Agenda on Sustainable Development. The summit represented China's first experience of leading global economic management.

4. Air pollution hit many countries

In 2016, many countries including China, India, Iran and some European countries experienced severe air pollution due to industrialization, namely emissions from industrial production and coal-fired power plants. It will take time for these affected countries to solve pollution problems.

5. Restrictions on emissions of HFCs to protect the ozone layer

The 28th Meeting of the Parties of the Montreal Protocol, held in Rwanda in October, passed the amendment to control the emissions of HFCs, or "super greenhouse gases", because of their high global warming potential, which is regarded as an effective regulation for protecting the ozone layer.

6. The uncertain future of the US Clean Power Plan

It's not clear whether the Clean Power Plan will be approved and implemented, as US President Donald Trump aimed to reverse his predecessor Barack Obama's climate policies.

7. Communist Party of China regarded as the party with the strongest environmental protection awareness

The CPC has issued many top policies on promoting environmental protection in recent years, and has launched comprehensive measures to reduce pollution. More than 6, 400 people in 16 provincial regions were punished due to their poor performance in pollution control after central-level inspections last year.

8. China issued strict measures to curb pollution

China issued various measures from setting up new government departments, strengthening monitoring and levying new taxes to combating air, water and soil pollution in 2016.

9. UK to restart the construction of nuclear plants

Though the UK was the first country to use nuclear power for electricity generation, it has suspended the construction of nuclear plants for 20 years. However, it needs to restart them to replace existing old ones, and Chinese companies are expected to take part in the Hinkley Point nuclear power project.

10. The year 2016 regarded as the warmest year

The World Meteorological Organization confirmed that the year 2016 was the warmest on record, with other historic records being set, such as exceptionally low sea ice, unabated sea level rise and ocean heat.

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