Current Topics in Environmental Science

ENV SCI 4665/5665 (830:165g). Environmental Health Science — 3 hrs.

Comprehensive survey of the interaction between human health and the quality and state of the natural environment. Prerequisite(s): junior standing. (Same as ) (Fall and Spring)

ENV SCI 4666/5666 (830:166g). Environmental and Occupational Health Regulations — 3 hrs.

Overview of environmental and occupational safety laws applied to the practice of environmental science. Emphasis on application of the legislation with a focus on regulations. Includes major environmental laws such as the National Environmental Policy Act, Clean Air Act, Clean Water Act, and the Occupational Safety and Health Act. Prerequisite(s): junior standing. (Same as ) (Odd Springs)

ENV SCI 6200 (830:200). Environmental Biology — 3 hrs.

Advanced topics in physiological ecology, community ecology, environmental microbiology, ecological genetics, bioenergetics, and biodiversity. (Odd Falls)

ENV SCI 6235 (830:235). Topics in Environmental Chemistry — 3 hrs.

Advanced topics in chemistry for environmental science and technology. Topics include water, air, and geochemistry; environmental chemistry, measurement techniques, and chemical ecology. (Odd Springs)

ENV SCI 6250 (830:250). Global Systems — 3 hrs.

Advanced topics in global systems for environmental science and technology. Topics include surface and groundwater hydrology, meteorology, atmospheric physics, and oceanography to gain an understanding of physical and geological processes that influence and are influenced by earth's biosphere. (Even Falls)

ENV SCI 6285 (830:285). Readings in Environmental Science/Health — 1-10 hrs.

Independent readings in environmental science/technology from selected list approved in advance. May be repeated for maximum of 10 hours. Prerequisite(s): consent of department head. (Fall, Spring, Summer)

ENV SCI 6289 (830:289). Environmental Science/Health Seminar — 1 hr.

Current topics in environmental science/health. Students will present one seminar per year. May be repeated for maximum of 3 hours. Prerequisite(s): must be currently enrolled in Environmental Science graduate program. (Fall and Spring)

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