Environmental Issues of India

Roadside cow, india pollutionThe environmental issues in India become more serious every day and she is turning into a bit of a mess on this front but with a serious lack of education and over 1 Billion people, a huge amount of which are in dire poverty, it's hardly surprising.

The recent boom in its industries, little or no environmental education, infrastructure nearly at bursting point not to mention the huge deforestation that's going on.

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If you think your country has some problems then you are about to be a bit of a shock because I'm sure nothing compares to some of the environmental issues in India. A whopping 65% of the land in here is degraded in some way, shape or form and the endless government policies do little to curb the damage. In fact, there is no shortage at all of government legislation protecting the environment but unfortunately it is never enforced due to flagrant abuse of power, corruption and lack of resources.

If you have ever been to India you have undoubtedly noticed the serious little problem that they have in India. No, it's not like here in the UK where a can of coke and crisp packet on the floor are a litter problem. India's litter problem is almost a bit disturbing. The attitude is to just throw it on the floor, there are no bins, just drop it. That's 1 Billion people disposing of their rubbish on the floor, every day.Litter problem in India, cow, pollution The scope of the problem is almost unimaginable and of course, it takes generations to change a habit like that but no one is starting. What they need here is education and that is what is seriously missing.

With regards to environmental issues in India, India appears to be digging its own grave deeper and quicker than the rest of us, nearly 30% of India's gross agricultural output is lost every year due to soil degradation, poor land management and counter productive irrigation. The wetlands and lakes are also being hit hard. Mainly by the industrial boom that hit India a decade ago, the main problems being improper disposal of industrial waste like chemicals etc.

India's 7516 km of coastline have also come under attack from this environmental sabotage, overfishing remains a huge problem due to lack of legislation enforcement. Raw sewage from an awful lot of people is pumped endlessly into the ocean along with other industrial waste and chemicals. Hundreds of miles of coral and other sea life are slowly being destroyed due to offshore drilling.

Tourist centres such as Goa suffer due to badly managed development and excessive tourism, again resulting from the lack of legislation and policy enforcement.

The Environmental issues in India are huge. Whether it's the rapidly dropping water tables, mass deforestation, land degradation or river contamination, India has it all and on a massive scale. Below you can find information on all of India's most serious environmental problems.

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