What are the major environmental Problems?

What are harmful algal blooms?

Harmful algal blooms are overgrowths of algae in water. Some produce dangerous toxins in fresh or marine water but even nontoxic blooms hurt the environment and local economies.

What are the effects of harmful algal blooms?

Harmful algal blooms can:

  • Produce extremely dangerous toxins that can sicken or kill people and animals
  • Create dead zones in the water
  • Raise treatment costs for drinking water
  • Hurt industries that depend on clean water

What causes harmful algal blooms?

Harmful algal blooms need:

  • Sunlight
  • Slow-moving water
  • Nutrients (nitrogen and phosphorus)

Nutrient pollution from human activities makes the problem worse, leading to more severe blooms that occur more often.

Volunteer to monitor waterbodies for algal blooms

The following organizations help identify toxic algae outbreaks:

Report suspected algal blooms to your state

State departments of health or environment are the best sources for local information about harmful algal blooms.

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