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Political types aren't the only ones descending on Trump Tower in midtown Manhattan for a meeting with the president-elect and his transition team.

On Wednesday, Donald Trump met with Hollywood heavyweight Leonardo DiCaprio and Terry Tamminen, the chief executive officer of the Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation, which "is dedicated to the long-term health and well-being of all Earth’s inhabitants, " according to the foundation's mission statement.

"Today, we presented the president-elect and his advisers with a framework -– which LDF developed in consultation with leading voices in the fields of economics and environmentalism -– that details how to unleash a major economic revival across the United States that is centered on investments in sustainable infrastructure, " Tamminen said in a statement.

Tamminen said the meeting "focused on how [to] create millions of secure, American jobs in the construction and operation of commercial and residential clean, renewable energy generation."

"Climate change is bigger than politics, and the disastrous effects on our planet and our civilization will continue regardless of what party holds majorities in Congress or occupies the White House, " Tamminen said.

And is seems that the trio will continue their dialogue. "The president-elect expressed his desire for a follow-up meeting in January, and we look forward to continuing the conversation with the incoming administration as we work to stop the dangerous march of climate change, while putting millions of people to work at the same time, " Tamminen said.

DiCaprio also met with Ivanka Trump and couple other Trump advisers while at Trump Tower, a source with knowledge of the meeting said.

On Wednesday afternoon, former NYPD detective and 2017 New York City mayoral candidate Bo Dietl tweeted a photo of DiCaprio and Anthony Scaramucci, the founder of SkyBridge Capital and a member of Trump's transition team, as well as others, dining together.

Earlier this week, ABC News confirmed DiCaprio recently met with Ivanka Trump and gave her a copy of his documentary "Before the Flood."

The meeting occurred on the heels of Donald Trump's Monday meeting with former Vice President and environmental activist Al Gore.

The meeting also comes on the same day a senior Trump adviser said Trump has selected Oklahoma State Attorney General Scott Pruitt to lead the Environmental Protection Agency. Pruitt is a strong critic of the EPA, and his nomination drew swift criticism from some prominent Democrats and environmental groups.

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