Fishing Environmental Issues

Many people cite the world demand for seafood and fish as the real culprit for destroying coral reefs, wetlands and ocean beds, but other environmentalist blame the methods and practices of the fishing industry. These practices have devastated the ocean floor eco-systems in many places so that marine and aquatic life can no longer be sustained.

Modifying and Changing Fishing Methods

In order to lessen the impact of commercial fishing and overfishing that reaches beyond the ocean floor and into entire aquatic eco-systems, a global conservation effort is needed.

Environmental Warning Issued

According to the November 2006 journal issue of Science, the single biggest threat to seafood and fish species around the worldis bad fishing practices. The journal reports that, according to leading marine biologists, if fishing practices are changed, the world's fish and seafood resources will be depleted by the year 2048.

Bad Fishing Practices

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