Environmental Issues in South Sudan

UNEP has been active in South Sudan since 2009, engaged in creating and developing environmental awareness on a national scale to support the government and the people of South Sudan. UNEP has a well-established partnership with the Government of South Sudan, and works closely with the Ministry of Environment and the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry, Cooperatives and Rural Development.

UNEP led the “Juba Clean and Green” campaign in 2010 which made major headlines in South Sudan and helped to put environmental issues on the agenda of the government, the UN community and the citizens of Juba, the capital and the largest city in the country. More recently, South Sudan celebrated World Environment Day, on June 5th 2015, with a host of celebrations ranging from tree planting to an exhibition. UNEP, in partnership with the Food and Agriculture Organization and in collaboration with the Ministry of Energy, Dams, Water Resources & Irrigation, and the Ministry of Environment, Government of South Sudan, has also recently released five new publications, addressing issues of water harvesting and aiming to reduce conflicts between communities for water during the dry season.

Today, UNEP maintains its focus on environmental management through three major areas:

UNEP remains committed to working with the Government of South Sudan to help ensure the country’s sustainable development into the future. UNEP’s work in South Sudan is currently funded by the Norwegian Agency for Development Cooperation (Norad).

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