Environmental Issues in Ohio

OEC praises Gov. Kasich for innovative new dredging strategy for Toledo Harbor

The Ohio Environmental Council is praising Ohio Gov. John Kasich's administration for engineering a pilot project to find beneficial new uses for sediments dredged from the Toledo harbor.

Underwritten by a $10 million fund championed by State Sen. Randy Gardner (R-Bowling Green), the project aims to divert the dredgings from disposal in the open waters of Lake Erie to safe reuse on shore.

Massive Fish Kill Appears Linked to Fracking Fire

As the smoke clears from the site of a roaring weekend fire that engulfed the well pad of a fracking site in Clarington (Monroe County), Ohio, a disturbing new problem apparently related to the blaze has emerged: an enormous fish kill in nearby Opossum Creek.

OEC Proposes SAFER GAS Act for Oil & Gas Drilling

Ohio law leaves citizens, landowners, air and water vulnerable to inattention, exploitation, and contamination. Contending that Ohioans are not adequately protected from the risks of horizontal, hydrological fracturing - or "fracking" -for oil and gas, the Ohio Environmental Council today proposed a sweeping upgrade to state oil and gas laws. Read more.

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