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From vibrant aerials of a small, remote island to black and white images of farm life, entries to this year’s Atkins Chartered Institution of Water and Environmental Management’s Environmental Photographer of the Year show the importance of documenting urgent environmental and social concerns.

This year the contest received around 10, 000 submissions from amateur and professional photographers and filmmakers around the globe.

“The competition embodies CIWEM’s core aims to improve water and environmental management and raise awareness of the associated social and cultural issues, ” said Terry Fuller, the chief executive of CIWEM. “The images from the EPOTY competition highlight the most urgent challenges we face, remind us of the importance of our work and inspire us to do better.”

Winners of the competition will be announced on June 28 and the photographer of the year will win a £3, 000 prize (around $4, 300). The entries will be judged based on the following criteria: impact, relevants, originality and technical ability. A selection of 60 images will be exhibited at the Royal Geographical Society in London from June 29 to August 21.

“Year on year, it just gets better and better, ” said David Haley, one of the judges on this year’s panel. “Again, I was amazed at the diversity of subject matter and the diversity of photographers–seeing the extraordinary within the mundane and revealing the way extreme environments are becoming the new normal.”

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