Environmental Issues Hospitality Industry

Many hospitality industries find it difficult to control or manage solid wastes, such as food, containers, paper, cardboard and scrap metals, which are waste generated on a daily basis depending on the industry. Most hospitality industries tend to lag behind when it comes to the collection of waste. Only a fraction of the¬¬ waste collected receives proper disposal. When waste is not collected sufficiently and the disposal is inappropriate the waste can accumulate and cause water, land and air pollution, which will be a danger to human health and the environment.

The objective of this thesis is to investigate the environmental impact of the waste management plan at Bergvik Kartano. This study seeks to identify the methods for storage of solid waste, and to determine the most effective solid waste management system. It also describes the sources and different types of solid waste and highlights briefly the health and environmental impact of solid waste.

The study was carried out primarily through a survey and interviews with the employees and managers of the Bergvik Kartano hotel. The empirical work of other scholars was also consulted. Secondary data was obtained from books, journals, annual reports and the internet. The study concludes that successful solid waste management in Bergvik Kartano depends on adequate financing and provision of sufficient waste bins or cans for the entire environment to be clean and healthy.

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