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Welcome to the Endangered Species Committee (ESC) webpage. Our Committee offers programs, resources, and a forum for attorneys, academics, law students, and others interested in endangered species and biodiversity issues. We encourage collaboration and information exchange among our members, as well as between our committee and other ABA and SEER committees, national and international policy institutions, scientific societies, and universities and law schools. We strive to deliver current information to our members; foster dialogue on legal and policy developments related to species; and provide professional development, mentoring, and networking opportunities To achieve these goals, the ESC maintains this webpage, publishes newsletters, engages social media, holds programs, and contributes to the Section’s Year-in-Review.

Website: The ESC posts information on administrative, judicial, and legislative developments, events of interest, and legal resource links concerning species and biodiversity issues to this webpage. If you are aware of a new case, law, or regulatory development, please share it with our Committee Electronic Communications Vice-chair, so that we may share these developments for the full membership.

Newsletter: The ESC newsletter reports in greater depth on state and federal rule making; judicial and administrative decisions; and national and international policies addressing species protection and biodiversity. The ESC publishes newsletters two to four times per year. Please contact our Committee Newsletter Vice-chairs with article submissions or ideas for future news letter topics.

Social Media & ListServe: The ESC seeks to post breaking species developments and upcoming committee activities on LinkedIn and Twitter and to notify committee members of the same via our member listserv. We encourage you to join our Endangered Species groupon LinkedIn, and we invite you to engage in discussions and exchange information on air quality issues with Committee members using LinkedIn and Twitter. If you have any questions or suggestions concerning communications please contact our Committee Social Media Vice-chair.

Conference Programming: The ESC recently participated in a series of meetings dedicated to development of programming for the Section’s “Superconference on Environmental Law” that will held in San Francisco in March 2015. We also organize and co-sponsor presentations of interest to ESC members at Section programs, academic conferences, and other events. If you have suggestions for topics, speakers, co-sponsorship opportunities, or formats, please contact our Committee Programs Vice-chair.

Year-in-Review: SEER’s Year-in-Review publication devotes a chapter to endangered species and provides an important resource of endangered species case law and regulatory developments over the year. If you are interested in contributing, please contact our Committee Year-in-Review Vice-chair.

Membership: We hope you will make use of the ESC’s resources and participate in ESC activities and leadership. If you are interested in attending ESC programs or events, joining the Committee, or volunteering for an ESC leadership position, please contact the Committee Co-chairs or our Membership Vicechair.

Welcome to the ESC website. We look forward to hearing from you and meeting you at upcoming events.

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