How to Solve Environmental issues?

It Is Your Problem

If you are a human being then you live on this planet. Your government may not have decided as of yet to take action to preserve the environment. IT WILL. The attitude that there is not a need to protect the environment you live in is absurd. Human institutions operate on the basis of months, or years at best and for may years the human population has put off the concern about the environment. It is rapidly becoming too late and governments are not being forced to MAKE us worry about the environment. It is not enough to recycle your aluminum cans. There are much more harmful dangers blowing in the winds and flowing in the waters.

There are committees forming to police not just local but international environmental concerns; a NATO for the environment. In the United States, especially in the state of California, these debates are decades old, the laws are in place, and more are formed each and every day.

"Individuals and corporation have been forced to abide by numerous laws in order to protect the environment;" We have received requests for information and help to design guidelines from almost every corner of the world;"

The state of California is the example that many countries are following;" said Warren Masterson at the recent Global Environmental Intervention Convention. When the government of your country decides to implement the laws and standards that are being set in order to protect the environment you had better be prepared, and willing. The companies who have not been keeping up on environmental issues find it exceptionally hard to have regulations put onto them. Many of those corporations who have irresponsibly handled themselves find the business' they have been devoted to are ruined in a matter of days.

"All at once we had to dispose of all of our products in one big heap outside. We had been in business twenty years, we were a community staple, and because we did not pay attention and were not prepared to make changes, we lost everything, " said Lance Erickson, the owner of a paint store in Sydney.

To look out upon the ancient green lands and waterways of your local environment, you may not feel there is any urgency, or a need to protective where YOU live. Environmental destruction begins with the invisible and ends with the very visible. The key is to educate yourself about what will be, to put in place your own regulations, to have the foresight to be environmentally intelligent NOW, to make products in a safe and protective manner, and to assist in the education regarding the environment to the people in your community. To not do so is entrepreneurial suicide, as well as aiding and abetting in the death of our Earth.

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What are the Environmental issues?

What is the Environmental issues?

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