Environmental Issues in New Jersey

Environmental regulations have a large impact on the cost of doing business in New Jersey. As such, state policy must balance the need for important regulations to protect the environment with the economic benefits provided by businesses who are good corporate citizens.

The cost of environmental compliance is high in New Jersey with NJ businesses generally paying higher permit fees than are paid in our neighboring states for the same type of environmental regulations. In today’s economy, our members face competition locally, nationally and globally. Therefore, we must encourage environmental policies that ensure we stay competitive.

NJBIA will continue to work toward easing the regulatory burden on our members while, at the same time, protecting the environment. We will also continue to promote sustainability as important for our communities and as a key driver of business success because sustainable practices provide businesses with a return on their investment. Visit our resource area on this website for information specific to . Keep up to date on information about environmental legislation and regulations impacting your cost of compliance. Learn about what the Department of Environmental Protection is working on that could affect your company. Contact Sara Bluhm at sbluhm@njbia.org

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