Environmental Issues in Mumbai

Mumbai:To tackle and find solutions for environmental and climatic problems in India, Eva Svedling, the Deputy Minister of environment and climate change of Sweden, raised some specific issues during her recent visit to Mumbai. After a field visit to various areas across the city, Svedling highlighted issues like reducing carbon emissions, solid waste management, sewage treatment and efforts for creating smart cities.

Considering the conditions in India are different from those in Sweden, Svedling said that use of technology and resources in an efficient way would help to solve the problems. Svedling told the Free Press Journal, “The basic step of solid waste management is segregation which should be followed in every household. Various technology can be adopted to reduce carbon emissions like environment-friendly Hybrid buses for transport and use of waste to create biogas.”

Svedling believed that adopting various measures to curb environmental problems is the need of the hour. “It is high time and we need to find solutions for environmental problems. India should set a date by when it will be free from various issues like carbon emissions and fossil fuel depletion, ” said Svedling.

Shifting to waste to energy plants and creating smart cities using technology was also a main agenda. Svedling said, “We are open to collaborations with India for using new technology and resources to create various systems for development.”

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